Selected Projects


Playful Park

For Het Nieuwe Instituut / The New Institute I was asked to help create a boardgame, to be used in brainstorming sessions.


I took this as a challenge to create a proper boardgame with a foldable, but sturdy board to play on and lots of different physical game pieces, just like you’d except from games such as Monopoly or Clue(do).


The board was printed and then lasercut from thin, coated MDF with a strip of fake leather as a hinge. In-game money was made using engraved and painted ceramic-like plastics, and the different other pieces were 3D printed. Of course we also needed a box to store the game in, so a custom cardboard box with engraved lettering was made as well.


Illustrations by Herman van Boeijen, game concept by RANJ and coordinated for Het Nieuwe Instituut by Tijmen Schep and Michiel Raats. Thanks again to Snijlab for helping with all the laser business.