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GenderSwap is a browser extension which replaces words referring to men with their female equivalent, and vice versa.

Simply substituting one gender for another changes many situations in news posts and articles to non-issues or irrelevant scenarios, showing how odd and gender biased the original story actually was.


“Don’t start looking for a wife in your 30s. If you do, you go up against men 10 years younger, and that is a terrible competitive disadvantage in this marketplace,” he said. “You can have a career and a wife and kids, as long as you start early and plan accordingly.”[1]


genderSwap helps to view these situations we are used to from a different angle.


Downloads the extension:

* For Chrome / Chromium
* For Firefox / Iceweasel
* For Opera


Code and attribution can be found on Github.


[1]: Kerima Greene, CNBC, 2014