Selected Projects


No More Television

A while ago I didn’t have my television hooked up, but I still wanted to be entertained with some moving images. I was surprised that YouTube didn’t have a random button, so I made something myself.


People tweet about YouTube video’s all the time, so I wrote a script to check for the latest tweeted videos. This creates a never ending stream of possibly interesting videos.


The result is a website with a fullscreen YouTube feed, curated by people on Twitter. When a video has ended, the next one will play or you can just hit the ‘show next video’ link.


Lives online at nomoretelevision.com.
I was asked by a YouTube developer to make some changes to the code, so until that time, nomoretelevision.com will be unavailable.


There is also an iOS version, but it isn’t available in the appstore since my developer account has expired…