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Jasper van Loenen is an artist / teacher / programmer based in Arnhem, the Netherlands, who mainly works with open source code and technology.

Jasper’s work deals with the relationship between people and the technology they use on a daily basis. His goal is to expose the hidden workings of these technologies and to offer users an insight into the processes and systems that lie below the surface. Through his work he tries to stimulate users to explore and learn about what those systems entail, not because of an aversion against technological progress, but because most of us don’t fully realize in what ways technology is being used by companies and governments, and what decisions and agendas have lead to their development.

By mastering and critiquing these technologies and using them for new artistic purposes, Jasper reveals the actual significance of these technologies. To amplify this search for transparency, most of his work is published under an open source license, meaning everyone is free to see how they work, to contribute, or to create their own derivatives.

Articles about Jasper’s work have appeared on platforms such as (in random order) CNET, Discovery Channel, Der Spiegel, Wired, Daily Mail, Make, Business Insider, Popular Science, Boing Boing, Mashable, VICE, NBC News, Alphr, Creative Applications, Engadget, The Next Web, Gizmodo, Bright and more.

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His work has been graciously supported by both the Mondriaan Fund with the Stipendium for Emerging Artists program, and the Creative Industries Fund NL.

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