Selected Projects


The Rhythm of Life

Together with Jiskar Schmitz, I built a series of modules with moving arms to hit the seven cymbals used in The Rhytm of Life. We also built a control unit and wrote the needed Arduino / Python code to control them (code can be found at Github).


The Rhythm of Life is a collaboration between designers / artists Mike Thompson, Susana Cámara Leret and Dave Young and the Netherlands Metabolomics Centre. The artists investigate the potential of sensory data experiences, through an ambiguous data collection process, making use of the Photon-­Multiplier Tube (PMT), an experimental medical device designed to measure biophoton (light) emissions from the skin. The project presents a hybrid art/science research instrument, offering participants the possibility to listen in on the electro­chemical messages transmitted by their bodies, hearing their emissions as complex percussive rhythms, in exchange for donating their personal biodata to scientific research.