Selected Projects


Simple Robot

Build a robot. It should be self-sufficient for at least one minute and should be going in more than one straight direction. It also has to be able to generate images.


Playing around with old recordplayers, various electronic kitchensupplies, model car engines, wires and batteries, we came up with what seemed to be the most convenient solution.We taped three model car engines (without tires) together and made sure one was spinning in the other direction as the others, put a battery on top, connected the wires and there was our so-called ‘random’ robot.


Second edition featured a solid base plate (a CD) with three holes drilled in, all at the same distance from each other. Next to the fact that it looked more sophisticated, it was also very functional for battery storage.


The robot is currently M.I.A. and possibly died in the chaos at the end of the last school year.


Together with Klaas Melenhorst.