Selected Projects


Signpost (font)

For a Typography minor, I wanted to make a truly dynamic font. While playing around, I made an image looking like a texture from an old computer game. In those old games, you found signposts or posters with some random lines instead of text. Because of the low resolution, there weren’t enough pixels for real text. Instead, the text would appear fullscreen when you got close to the sign.


I decided to make a font looking like those lines, using characters simply made out of lines, which would respond to each other, creating an abstract text.


The final font is a fully working (and dynamic!) font containing 2888 glyphs and about 80 lines of opentype code. Each of the characters typed will respond to the character in front of it. If you’re interested in the file, just send me an e-mail.


Made with Fontlab, Processing and Python.