Selected Projects



IOM is short for the Interactive Orchestra Machine, a project by the Loos Foundation to develop an automated music improvisation machine. Petra and I were asked to find some way to connect the machine to the world by using the internet.


Someone watching the installation can enter a word. The system starts scanning the internet for other words associated with this word, as well as an image tagged with it. These elements are then combined to be used as the starting point for an animation which is partly controlled by the music. The deformations in the animation in turn are used as new input for the machine, enabling it to create music based on the found internet footage, while still giving the viewer some sort of clue of what the music is based on.


Because the word associations are found online they are very informal and also reflect current events. For instance, at the time the word ‘we’ would be associated with the word ‘can’ because of the well-known Obama campaign, a relation you won’t find in a dictionary. The same is true for the images since the system uses the most recent images from public sites like Flickr.


Together with  Petra Valdimarsdóttir